Who Was That Masked Man? Councilman David Greenfield!

Who knows what evil lurks on the New York City Council?

Super Dov Gordon (a.k.a. Councilman David Greenfield)

“He should have known better,” said NYC Councilman David Greenfield regarding Dov Hikind’s poor choice of Purim dress. And he was right. Hikind has rarely, if ever, worn a mask of any type and this Purim his choice was mother dumb, if for no other reason than he didn’t anticipate the avalanche. But who was shoveling the shite on him?

It certainly wasn’t Bill Thompson (a Black mayoral candidate) nor Public Advocate Bill de Blasio (whose wife and kids are Black) nor City Councilman Jumaane Williams who all publicly proclaimed that Hikind has always been about bridge building. But there was another ambitious City Councilman wringing his hands with glee.

“You’ve never seen David so happy,” noted a Boro Park political insider. “When he saw that Hikind was maybe in trouble, he literally began to salivate. ‘Cancel my meetings,’ he yelled at his scheduler. He had to call everyone and get them on the bandwagon; he asked everyone to comment to the press. Would it bring embarrassment to his community? Greenfield could care less—he wanted to burn Hikind.”

According to those who know him best, David Greenfield’s political career has proven to be one of expedience. Insiders say he’s an expert in masks who has changed hats and beards and alliances as often as necessary—morphing from David to Dovid to Dovid the Askan (so named by his nom de plume Dov Gordon at the YeshivaWorldNews website). “From his earliest days in the game, everyone knew how frum David wasn’t,” said an insider, “but he’s put on the Black hat now and plays that crowd, who he believes are ignorant and easy to manipulate.”

Nevertheless, Greenfield refuses to employ other Orthodox Jews as key staffers for fear of what they’ll sniff out about him. His various chiefs of staff have been young, non-Jewish women—a highly unorthodox move in a world where modesty patrols are prevalent.

“I don’t think it’s a sexual thing,” explained another insider. “David is as sexless as a gelding. The only thing that gets him hard is vengeance. Why the young female chiefs of staff? He thinks young women who aren’t part of our community can help him punish enemies without understanding community nuances. And he’s right.”


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